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June 25, 2015

Welcome To Writer Waves

June 25, 2015
Lovely view, fantastic friends, writers making waves...writer waves!

Welcome! Writer Waves is for writers, and it is also for everyone who loves to make waves!

I love water.
What is it about water? It soothes us, sustains us, drowns us, surrounds us….
Ocean blue is my favorite color. Need I elaborate?
I learned to swim in the third grade over two weeks in Puerto Rico courtesy of Carlos the lifeguard, for whom I lapped the pool until my strokes were as perfect as any seven-year-old’s. I leaped into a swampy Texas ranch pond on a dare with an acquaintance who is now my cherished friend. My daughter and I escape to the beach, where philosophy meets fruity cocktails. I relax in my boat, throttle down, face damp with waves’ spray.
So, when the time arrived to title this blog, I thought of water. Water is my recurring theme— depths of decisions, waves of actions, ripples of attitudes, Writer Waves….