Bestselling Author William Bernhardt

August 26, 2015

Why Do We Write?

August 26, 2015


Why write? Why do you write? Why do I write?

Grandmother's Typewriter

My Grandmother’s, Sarah Delaplane Gossett, typewriter

Whether you consider yourself to be an author or not, chances are that, at one time or another, you will write…something. Why write? It is therapeutic and inexpensive. How many activities share those two attributes?

When I was in grade school, I wrote short scripts in Daddy’s judicial chambers on Saturdays to amuse my neighborhood pals, who I organized into roles for garage productions that only parents could appreciate. I have great memories of going to Daddy’s office—on a high floor of a downtown Ft. Worth office building, to hang out, raid the supplies closet, and write. I also used to trace Daddy’s cursive handwriting, imprinted on his abandoned legal pads. Why write? Two different kinds of writing, for two different reasons….


My law office desk, sporting some of Daddy’s desk artifacts. Lots of writing occurs here, but mostly nonfiction!

As an adolescent, I wrote poetry to express emotions I could not articulate except on the page, and I wrote comedic pieces to escape the pain of feeling alone (only child). After law school, I wrote to find purpose and grasp the reality of adulthood. Complex characters can help you do that.

These days, I wax philosophical at the beach with a journal, edit a completed manuscript from the lakefront patio of a dear friend’s lake house, scribble a one-page pitch on a Sunday afternoon in my backyard.

Why write? Some say they write because they have to. I can understand that. At times, my thoughts dictate the writing; but not always. So…

Why do I write?

Hope and joy.

Writing gives me hope and brings me joy!